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The Guest Expert Vault

Learn the secrets from 9 online experts who have cracked the online business success code on exactly how they did it — so you can too!



The Brand Your Voice Bundle

The Brand Your Voice Digital Bundle comprises of a 2.5 hour masterclass PLUS essential tools you need for creating a compelling, highly magnetic brand.

Insta bundle


Brand Your Insta Bundle

Get an instant gorgeous branded Instagram feed with these 100 editable Canva templates. These templates were designed to promote offers, trainings, podcasts and programs as well as encourage authentic engagement.

Mood Board Template


Moodboard Template

Create your own unique magnetic brand guide with this specially created Canva Template

Mood Board Template


3 Gorgeous pre-made mood boards

Includes pre-designed mood board, fonts, brand colors and editable logos from Carol. Like, you won’t have to hire a graphic designer. You can steal these as is.



Pre Made Workbook Templates

If you are ready launch your masterclass or lead magnet, then you will love this 10 page pre-made workbook that Carol created for you. These pages are fully edible in Canva.

Mood Board Template


Pre-made facebook headers

Use these pre made facebook headers to up level your online profile. Editable in Canva.

Mood Board Template


Pre-made presentation sliders

Use these pre made sliders created by Carol to launch your masterclass or training with ease. Editable in Canva.



The Image Bundle

Get 15 free stock images from specially picked out by Carol to use as you wish.

Mood Board Template


Sales Page Training with Lauren Vanessa Zink

Get front row VIP access sales page training from expert copywriter guru, Lauren Vanessa Zink. You also get access to the sales page copy swipe files!