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You have a soul purpose & are meant for more

More than anything, you want a brand that positions you as an authority and sets you apart from everyone else. It could be that at the moment, you are the best kept secret in your industry. You feel a strong calling to scale your business, launch your signature offer and create more impact in the world.

But your outdated brand and website is unaligned to the “new” you and is holding you back from activating and achieving your hearts desires. It is time - you are ready for more, for change and to rise into an impactful leader, speaker, author, healer, designer, coach...

If you are ready to scale with ease, align to your soul purpose and stand out from the crowd, then..

you are in the right place

I’m passionate about suporting online business owners to scale with ease

For the past thirty years, my journey in design began humbly, crafting business cards before progressing to selling logo designs for $25 on online job platforms. As time went on, I discovered my passion for creating personal brands and websites, along with providing business coaching services. Additionally, I've developed a template shop and my own unique brand archetypes that I'm genuinely proud of.

Clients often tell me that I have the intuitive ability to see them for who they truly are and extract their pure essence so their brand becomes desirable and sought after.

Pretty magical, right?

I truly love helping people convert their vision into a brand that is not only profitable, it is highly impactful in the world and creates freedom and financial abundance in their lives.

I live in South Africa on the water and enjoy spending time behind the wheel of my houseboat. I am a mermaid at heart and I love going on adventures to remote parts of Africa where I swim with wild dolphins. You'll often catch me embracing the challenge of ice baths and engaging in extreme open water swims.

I am Carol


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This free workbook will help you articulate your unique brand voice and message, leaving your audience motivated to reach out to work with you.

Website Design + Brand Design

Brand New You™


Get a custom designed brand and website that stands out online and captures your audience attention, so they are inspired to work with you - and you alone.

Brand Identity Design

Get a premium brand identity in a week to elevate your positioning and presence. Effortlessly attract clients within your niche and feel empowered to take inspired action that finally gets you to the next financial level.

Business Mentorship

Brand Your Brilliance

Join me for a 90-minute strategy session designed to rapidly scale your brand & business. I'll take a bird's-eye view of your brand, ensuring you leave with a clear purpose, aligned messaging, a solid action plan & momentum to achieve your goals.

Brand Strategy Coaching

A 3-month 1:1 private coaching container to elevate your your brand & business. Topics we can cover include life purpose, messaging, marketing, strategy, brand identity, brand photography and much more.

Powerful Client Results

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”18 months after Carol worked on my rebrand, I had my first of many $200k months.”

Carol is the best designer there is! 4 years ago I had $800 to my name, and now I am an 8 figure coach. Carol totally captured my vision and brought it to life in a beautiful way that converted into sales! Working with her was fun, easy, and creative. Carol has created all of my branding, my website, my sales pages and various additional design projects.


“Carol’s branding has been essential to my growth into a multi-7 figure brand.”

I have worked with Carol for many years, across many business evolutions and multiple businesses. Her branding has been essential to my growth to 6 figures, multi 6 figures, 7 figures and now into a multi-7 figure brand and I am one of the top 1% earners in the U.K. Thank you for all that you do and being such an important part of my growth.


”Carol created such a beautiful visual representation of my brand + its vibe”

Working with Carol has been incredible! She has created such a beautiful visual representation of my brand & it's vibe, and everything feels very "me". Before Carol, all of my graphics & websites were a scattered mess of different colors and themes - now everything is not only cohesive and themed, but beautiful and feels super on-brand for me. I'd highly recommend her to any business owner!


”I absolutely love my branding and each and every page you have created for me”

Every time I open a page you’ve created my jaw literally drops open. You’re magnificent! I’m so grateful to have found you!


”I still can’t belive I had a $92K sales month!”

If you are looking for the best intuitive brand designer, look no further than Carol. No one will extract your truest essence and bring it to life with colors, fonts, and graphics like Carol can- and it feels like she does it all without you even needing to say a word! Beyond even her divine eye for design, Carol is a dream to work with- prompt follow-up, amazing communication, and the biggest heart. Seriously, hire her now


”Carol is the absolute best brand designer in the industry.”

I hired her for my 7 figure rebrand and she created branding that is a reflection of my essence. She is a design genius and very intuitive. Redoing my website and sales pages in this elevated vibe has really made a difference in the ease of marketing for me. There were literally some first-take designs she sent over and I was like “yep, nailed it” right away because she just GOT ME. I highly recommend Carol and plan on working with exclusively her for a long time to come.


”You are a goddess and such a queen of branding”

I cant stop staring at the branding you created for me, this is so me. I am obsessed. Thank you for being such a radiant light and incredible collaborator! I'm so very grateful for you.

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Template Bundles Designed To Make Your Life Easier

No more playing small and hiding behind your DIY looking website, sales pages, funnel pages and social media graphics. My strategically designed gorgeous template bundles will get you excited to launch, at a fraction of the cost with the support you need. It’s your time to shine!

Curious how you can transform your website into a client magnet ?

Now you can! Uncover the effortless blueprint to write conversion optimized website copy that establishes you as the authority in your niche!

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