Brand Your Voice


with Carol Hampshire & Lauren Vanessa Zink

What if you had a clear, powerful brand voice that made you instantly recognizable — and hireable — to your kindred clients?

One that made you stand out from literally everyone else in your industry?

A brand voice that sticks in your clients’ minds and stays with them ​all. day. long.​ — so they’re thinking about you whether they realize it or not?

(How cool and not at all creepy is that?!)


The Brand Your Voice Digital Bundle

The Brand Your Voice Digital Bundle comprises of a 2.5 hour masterclass PLUS essential tools you need for creating a compelling, highly magnetic brand.

Brand Your Voice Bundle

Here’s what you’re gonna learn in THE BRAND YOUR VOICE masterclass:

• 2.5 hours of fun and fierce training, including the 5-step Brand Your Voice Framework (We invented it. It isn’t being taught anywhere else.)

• You’ll hear real entrepreneurs get coaches through finding their brand voice, Um, Hello, Useful!

• How to create ​killer brand visuals ​that pop off the page (even if you’re not a designer, like, at all)

• The ​5-step brand voice framework ​that’ll make you immediately identifiable - and hireable — to all your kindred clients

• Why ​consciously building a cohesive brand ​is one of the best things ever you can do for your sales

• Listen to real women getting hot seat coached through finding their brand voice (We don’t hold back.)

• Q&A time where we cover the questions you were asking inside your head (Ooh, spooky!)

The Brand Your Voice Digital Bundle will help you create a compelling, highly magnetic brand voice you can use across your:

• Brand messaging
• Brand positioning
• Social media posts
• Sales pages COPY
• Website copy
• Blogs
• Even your brand photos

Brand your voice template bundle

Wait!! You mean this workshop will help me with my words AND my design?! AAAAND it’s gonna help me get clients too?!!!

Bonuses (value $750)

Sign up for the recorded training masterclass and get the 3 bonuses absolutely FREE!


The Brand Your Voice Framework Worksheet

(value $100)

Now is the time to put what you learn in the training into action and createyour own brand framework. With actual examples to follow, lovingly created by Lauren.


3 Gorgeous pre-made mood board brand packs

(value $500)

Includes pre-designed mood board, fonts, brand colors and editable logos from Carol. Like, you won’t have to hire a graphic designer. You can steal these as is.


36 Slides from the Brand Your Voice Training

(value $150)

Get the most out of this training, buy having these 36 beautifully designed slides on file. Yours to keep forever so you can refer back to the most important and key parts of the training.

That’s a Total Value of : $900
Today’s price: ONLY $37


Superduo Carol Hampshire and Lauren Vanessa Zink create online brands for 6, multiple-6 and 7-figure business babes.

With Carol’s incredible designs and Lauren’s wealthy words, they’re the behind-the-scenes power couple you didn’t even know you were crushing on... until now.

Carol Hampshire

Carol Hampshire

With 25 years in the industry, Carol helps fierce entrepreners grow and scale their busiensses through aligned, authentic and powerful personal branding. She does that through combining her years of design experience with her intuition to unleash my clients personality into their brand to it becomes magnetic to their ideal clients. Carol has worked with some of the top female leaders and coaches in the industry and when she is not behind her desk in South Africa, you can find her either swimming with wild dolphins or swimming in ice cold water (for fun, oh course..)

the designer

Lauren Vanessa Zink

Lauren Vanessa Zink helps rebels with big hearts and big shit to do in the world find their voice, nail their messaging, and write incredible, sales-making copy. Armed with a B.A. and red lipstick, she’s taken tens of thousands of coaches, consultants, and creatives from “Who are you?” to “Holy cow, where have you been all my life?” She’s the creator of The Wealthy Word Framework, hostess of the Wealthy Word Podcast, and literally writes Wealthy Words all the livelong day as her job. Aaaand she makes actual money doing it. What a wonderful world, eh?


the copywriter


“I loved your virtual training today with Lauren... it was AMAZING!! You both definitely got me thinking about my branding and I feel so much more clarity now on a few things that I was teetering between... sooooo thank you! Literally... EPIC!”

“Thank you for a very insightful seminar, wow, that was more than expected, thank you!” “Loved the masterclass, thank you! You’re a powerhouse duo.”

“So much excellent actionable advice that could make such a difference. It has really got me thinking.”

“It was an amazing session!”

“Thank you so much!! It was awesome!”

“This is the most value packed class I have ever been on, and I’ve been on A LOT!!!”

“You ladies blew my socks off! So much valuable info that I spinned in circles! I will dive so deep into the framework. Love it. Seriously. Thank you.”

“I knew I was only gonna be able to attend an hour, so I sent two spies on my behalf to tell me what happens next.”

“I’m pivoting, and this was EXACTLY what I needed. Super helpful.”

“This class was FIRE.”

“This Brand Your Voice Class blew my mind off!”

We’re not even sure what that last one means, but we dig it!!

And you’re gonna dig The Brand Your Voice Digital Workshop. You’ll finally have a clear, stand-out brand voice that’s completely yours. Not Sally’s. Not Sarah’s. ​YOURS.